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​​Customer Management Consulting


The TPG Process
We'll work with you managing the entire process from business requirement collection, RFP development, managing and analysis of responses, financial analysis, to contract negotiations. Because of our experience, we ensure you get the best fit possible. Our team has many years of experiences on both the provider and consultant side managing the RFP process.   

The Right Fit 
Your service providers are an extension of your organization.  Selecting the right provider can accelerate your business to new levels. Selecting the wrong one can quickly erode your customer relationships and ultimately your profitability.  Many service providers will represent that they can support the intricacies of your business, but we have the knowledge and experience to assess their capabilities to determine if they fully can execute on their commitments.  We also have an expansive knowledge of the quality providers that are available and insight as to those that will be a good fit for your company.  

The Right Price
When shopping for a new provider, you need to understand the true costs. Proposals vary greatly; we'll analyze the apples and oranges of their proposals to help you understand the investment you're making based on how your business operates. Because of our bottom line profit accountability at the provider level in the areas of operations, customer account management, technology, mailing services marketing/sales, and executive management, we understand the complexities and costs associated with the entire process and can model your business ensuring there are no ugly surprises later! 

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