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Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) / PRODUCTS

The Plimmer Group consulting team has extensive experience working with clients in the direct-to-consumer industry. We have worked in both the consultative and service aspects of the business.  Our team has the unique experience to work with our clients on all aspects of their customer management strategies.  Our consultation includes the process of setting business policies, customer acquisition, order management, customer service strategies, and fulfillment, as well as the cultivation of customer bases.  We've also provide guidance and support around the relationships with suppliers, distributors and other partnerships that are critical to the chain of the customer experience.  

Specifically, our team brings expertise in the areas of: order management systems, online/digital, mailing services, fulfillment and warehouse operations, application design and development, shipping and postal regulations, project management, supply chain sourcing, contract negotiation, and general business process improvement.

Working inside the fulfillment arena, we had a unique, completely unobstructed view of the effectiveness of customer management strategies.  Our team's insights are driven from years of experience across many different clients ranging from digital products, book and content sellers to hard goods. A few of the clients that our team has had experience with include: Highlights for Children, Pet Food Direct, Reiman Publications, Reader’s Digest, ANET as well as National Geographic.  We have been seen both the successes and failures and taken away great insight from in our partnerships with our clients.  As a client of TPG, your organization will benefit from the aggregation of that experience.