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Consulting TEAM

Tim Plimmer - Senior Operating Executive with 30 + years of experience with a diverse track record and expertise in executive level company operations and managing direct-to-consumer business units. Background includes responsibility for the management and financial performance of ten operational facilities with 1800+ employees in the US and Canada at CDS Global. These business units processed 300 million inbound mail responses, 13 million email and phone contacts, 660 million outbound mail pieces, and 12 million parcels shipped. Experienced in operations, technology review and implementation, online commerce integration, business process re-engineering and resurrecting deficient business units. A highlight of a few of the companies and associations he has worked with include: Publishers Clearing House, Meredith Corporation, National Geographic, Highlights For Children, Conde Nast, Readers Digest, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and AARP.

David Ball – Senior Circulation Executive with 20+ years of experience with managing the development and execution of a broad range of circulation management and marketing solutions. Responsibilities included management of thousands of campaigns through the mail and online. Experienced in supporting client’s marketing efforts in the use of social media, paid online content, micro-purchasing and the use of surveys to enhance sales. His experience includes companies such as: Meredith Publishing, Primedia Magazines, Forbes and PC World.

Doug Plank – Senior Executive with 30 + years in the warehouse and logistics business. Managed 8+ warehouses nationwide for Jacobson Warehousing and Logistics. He is experienced in warehouse operations, warehouse management systems, logistics, business process innovation, and technology review and implementation.

Jim Schemmel – 35 + years of USPS expertise as acting liaison on behalf of 100 + publishing and direct to consumer companies. Experience in 1st, 2nd, Standard Class, BPM and Parcel mailing process, and regulations. He has had previous experience with CDS Global, SCA Fulfillment and numerous publishing and direct to consumer companies in North America.

Additional Experts - In addition to the specific strategists above, TPG has relationships with additional resources with expertise in business process review, account management, project management, marketing solutions and credit card processing. These individuals will consult on projects as needed to support our customers to deliver the best possible solutions.  

 In summary, TPG has a diverse group of strategists that have real hands-on expertise in the disciplines and industries we serve. We have worked many years in these industries and understand the underlying issues that negatively affect service, innovation, growth and profitability. Because of our specific backgrounds, our clients don’t spend precious time and money bringing our people up to speed on their business. If our strategists can’t hit the ground running and have an immediate impact, we won’t waste your time or your money.