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​THE PLIMMER GROUP - Customer Management Consulting

In today's business landscape people are afforded many options to acquire services and products. If your company isn't rapidly developing and executing innovative strategies that attract and retain customers or members  - you have a major problem.  In many cases, customer management policies don't evolve, thus become as effective as a screen door on a submarine, ineffective and useless.  

The Plimmer Group consulting team partners with clients in the magazine publishing, association and direct-to-consumer industries to solve that problem! We go beyond the latest buzz words and glitzy presentations to work with the entire supply chain to develop and execute policies and processes that greatly improve customer management. 

We focus on delivery of rapid and innovative changes that are strategic and tactical producing measurable performance improvements in service and profitability. We have the ability to translate boardroom goals to the executable process, and will be there from start to finish.

 Our knowledge, experience, and practical expertise creates an approach to business process change that sets us apart.